RITAR Epidemic Prevention Log

After a long and special holiday, we finally started the journey of 2020.

Hengyang RITAR (Factory)

Under the leadership of President Hu, our Vietnam factory resumed operation as early as on February 1, and our Hunan Hengyang factory on February 10. Hengyang RITAR strictly implements ten measures, pays full attention to the epidemic prevention and control work, and practically guarantees the life safety and health of employees. At the same time, the factory's resumption of work also enables our various departments to work normally and solve the needs of customers timely.

1) Inquiry survey

Before the employees return to work, a detailed inquiry survey shall be carried out to understand their visit routes, physical condition, contact with suspected or confirmed cases, etc. during the Spring Festival. The employees need to fill in the personal health declaration form truthfully. (If the contact is involved, 15 days of paid leave will be given after submitting the documentary evidence, and the salary will be calculated based on the basic salary.)

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2) Personal Commitment for Epidemic Prevention Responsibility

After the inquiry survey, the employees who basically meet the conditions for returning to work need to sign a Personal Commitment for Epidemic Prevention Responsibility, promising never to make false or concealed reports, otherwise they are willing to bear all responsibilities.

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3) A set of protective equipment

For the employees who return to work formally, each person shall be given a set of protective equipment, including a raincoat, a pair of gloves, and a new mask shall be guaranteed every day.

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4) Disinfection inspection

Every time before entering the factory, all personnel shall be subject to a comprehensive disinfection inspection, including temperature test, hand and personal items disinfection, sole disinfection, etc.

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5)Label of epidemic prevention and disinfection

After the disinfection inspection is qualified, each incoming personnel shall be pasted with a color anti epidemic disinfection label with the date of that day, which is used to distinguish whether they pass the disinfection inspection. In the plant area, the employees without the disinfection label will be punished. 

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6) Epidemic prevention broadcast

The public areas in the plant shall be equipped with broadcasting equipments, and the relevant contents of epidemic prevention shall be broadcast circularly every day, so that the knowledge and requirements of epidemic prevention can be heard and memorized by everyone.

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7)Daily Health Check Form

Employees shall fill in the daily health check form truthfully, in case of fever and other symptoms the person shall be sent to the hospital for examination in the first time.

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8) A cup of preventive Chinese Medicine

A cup of preventive traditional Chinese medicine is given to every employee at lunch every day. In order to effectively reduce people gathering, the staff is divided into four batches for dinner, and each batch interval is 15 minutes. When waiting in line, the interval between employees shall not be less than 1.5m; when sitting down for dinner, employees are strictly forbidden to talk to each other.

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10) Epidemic prevention and control daily report

At the end of each day's work, the company's epidemic prevention leading group will summarize the work of each epidemic prevention group, record the company's epidemic prevention work on that day in detail and issue an "epidemic prevention and control daily report".

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Shenzhen RITAR (Headquarters)

Normal operations have been resumed around the country, including in Hubei province.

At the same time there was also a first 'zero growth' of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Shenzhen. 

Under the strict compliance with the government's prevention and control work, Shenzhen RITAR headquarters officially returned to normal work.

All the employees actively carry out the prevention and control work, and earnestly do a good job with "3 ASK, 3 CHECK and 3 DON’T".

3 ASK:

1.Ask about your physical condition

2.Ask about where have you been to

3.Ask about who you have contacted


1.Check temperature

2.Check mask

3.Check health work

3 DON’T:

1.Do not come to office in rush hour

2.Don't get too close to people or things that are at risk

3.Do not neglect work because of the epidemic

Protective measures

RITAR encourages employees to stagger the rush hour. After arriving at the office every day, there will be special staff to conduct temperature check and basic disinfection, and each employee will be given free surgical masks and hand sanitizers. Moreover, there are many epidemic propaganda posters and epidemic propaganda videos at the entrance.

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Safe lunch

To reduce exposure, employees can book lunches online.

RITAR canteen provides a variety of delicious lunches for each employee, and we cancel the company group dinner in our canteen and implement the individual mode.

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Online meeting

Daily work meetings are basically conducted in the form of online meetings on mobile phones. Communication is flexible, convenient and safe.

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During the outbreak of coronavirus, the managers of each department actively arranged every task, and at the same time gave psychological support to every staff. Every employee of RITAR actively cooperated with the company's prevention and control work and responded to the government's requirements for epidemic prevention. Thanks for every RITAR staff working hard at the front line, the leadership of the company top management and the cooperation of the RITAR staff around the world, none of us has contracted the coronavirus.