We are with you! RITAR prepares medical supplies for our global partners

The CONVID-19 has become a global pandemic, and many countries have declared a "state of emergency". WHO is calling for an active fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia in the face of such a severe epidemic.

We are with you! RITRA prepares medical supplies for our global partners(图1)

Fight against coronavirus, we gain friendship

At the beginning of the year 2020, a novel coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan and then swept the whole land of China. Soon, we were in a shortage of medical resources. Many countries extended their helping hands and gave China powerful support. At the same time, RITAR also received E-mails and telephone greetings from our customers from more than 100 countries, and many customers actively helped us to look for protective materials, and finally helped us to obtain mask smoothly in our most difficult time.

Sharing the future, passing the love

Now, the number of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 outside China is on the rise, and the global epidemic prevention materials are in serious shortage. After consulting the demand, RITAR spared no effort to coordinate relevant materials, and prepared more than 100,000 medical masks, with a total value of about $42,000, all of which would be used to support the epidemic prevention in the key affected countries (Italy, the United States, South Africa, Europe, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and other epidemic areas).

Unite together, we will win together

RITAR hopes to do its best to help all industries affected by the epidemic return to normal operation and get through the crisis as soon as possible. We also hope that our overseas friends can feel our love and actively take protective measures to overcome the difficulties together. On March 20, the first batch of masks pasted with RITAR logo and incentive words "Everyday is sunny day once you're safe and sound!", "Fight against coronavirus, RITAR is with you!" and " We will Win Together!" had been sent out. These materials will go on the journey as soon as possible to help foreign countries control the epidemic.

We are with you! RITRA prepares medical supplies for our global partners(图2)

We are with you! RITRA prepares medical supplies for our global partners(图3)

We are with you! RITRA prepares medical supplies for our global partners(图4)

In addition to donating masks to foreign countries, RITAR group has been doing its own best to prevent and control the epidemic.

  • According to our experience of fighting against coronavirus in the past few months, China's strict prevention and control measures have effectively controlled the domestic epidemic. For this reason, we sorted out the relevant experience of epidemic prevention in China (including graphics, videos and text) and sent to overseas friends, which had been greatly appreciated. Foreign friends are actively making effective prevention and control with the help of our successful experience.

    We are with you! RITRA prepares medical supplies for our global partners(图3)

  • In the past 20 years, RITAR has been committed to providing high-quality power solutions to customers around the world. At present, RITAR is willing to fight against the coronavirus with our customers from more than 100 countries around the world, and provide help and support within our capabilities. Therefore, RITAR is organizing resources to provide necessary material support for customers and countries in need, including masks, disinfectants, gloves, etc. If there is any need for order, our company will arrange purchasing and logistics for our customers.

At the same time, we are racing against time, against virus. RITAR people actively participate in virus prevention and control to achieve zero infection. We are firmly committed to our mission to deliver the products all over the world on time!