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SMZ Series

SMZ (1KVA/5KVA) Inverter with Battery installed




SMZ series are the whole solar power units, which integrate the 24/48V
200AH long cycle-life Gel battery, a SM inverter and necessary switchgears;
They enable users to fast install the whole system without much engineering
work; The compact size reduces the footprint and space in home.

The castor makes it more convenient in moving and relocating the


Key Features


Integrated with 24/48V 200Ah long cycle-life Gel battery and necessary switchgears inside;

Cover 1-5kva output capacity, 230Vac output;

Wide Utility grid voltage is acceptable (90-280Vac Grid);

High performance ( efficiency up to 98%) MPPT solar charging module take the max. power from PV module;

High crest inverter design ensures withstanding heavy duty load, such as motor, pumper...;

Compact size with castor, easy to ship and relocate, reduce the whole installation cost.




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